Hotel Review: Shinjuku Granbell Hotel (Tokyo, Japan)

There are tons of hotels in Tokyo. It’s always difficult for me to just pick one hotel for my stay. It’s always fun for me to stay in a local hotel brand that has their exquisite decor. Here is the example.

Onsen Resort Review: Sounkaku (早雲閣@箱根町)

This wasn’t the first time for me to experience onsen resort in Japan. I totally agree that it gives me a one of a kind experience but I just didn’t get that Oh-My-Gosh feeling again when I was staying in this resort.

Hotel Review: ANA Crowne Plaza Nagoya (Japan)

The location is superb, which is situated right next to the train station. Therefore, if you take the train from the airport, you will arrive at the hotel in no time. But I still think that driving is a better option in Nagoya, when it compares with Tokyo.

Lounge Review: Legend Airport VIP Lounge (Taipei Taoyuan Airport)

The food selection is limited and I didn’t even try most of them like rice ball and sandwiches. It just didn’t appeal to me at all. Is it because of the presentation or the environment of the lounge. I have been to some of the worst airport lounges in the world, like the one in Zurich airport. So I guess this one in Taipei Airport was not the worst.