Dirty Hotel Review: Novotel Waterloo London

The only reason why I picked this hotel was because Accor ran a promo in UK. Most of the hotels cost only £40 – £80, and this Novotel cost £60 per night, which I thought was really a good deal, when it compares with Hiltons. However, this hotel does not live up with the standard 4 star hotel. I have tried few Accor hotels and most of them have lots of flaws. I really won’t stay at any Accor hotel unless the price really attracts my attention.

Hotel Review: Hotel Indigo London – Tower Hill

It was New Year’s Eve and all hotels rates were sky-high in London. Therefore, it was a great way to use my final free night certificate offered by IHG (Into the Night promo). There were many high-end hotels that I wanted to choose, such as Intercontinental, but most of the hotels won’t allow me to use the certificate. I didn’t want to waste the certificate on a Holiday Inn Express, otherwise it would be a stupid mistake.