Hotel Review: Conrad Macau – Sands Cotai Central

I celebrated my birthday in Conrad Macau, I picked this hotel was because I know that I would be treated very well in here due to my birthday. The room size of the Deluxe Suite is huge and I absolutely love it. This suite comes with a lot of perks, such as the usage of…

Hotel Review: Shinjuku Granbell Hotel (Tokyo, Japan)

There are tons of hotels in Tokyo. It’s always difficult for me to just pick one hotel for my stay. It’s always fun for me to stay in a local hotel brand that has their exquisite decor. Here is the example.

台北西門町酒店評論:德立莊酒店 (Hotel Review: Hotel Midtown Richardson Taipei)

眼見啲人好似特別鍾意睇中文版嘅post,所以今次我專登用中文去寫我呢一個post 。 今次要介紹呢一間酒店係位於台北市西門町區嘅一間新酒店。我個人覺得其實台北嘅酒店,如果要住近呢一區嘅話,其實價錢都唔算特別平。如果想住西門町而又揀一啲平嘅酒店,佢哋嘅星級一定好低。我為咗住好啲所以今次專登揀一間比較乾淨同新嘅酒店去試吓。 酒店地點梗係無得頂啦!西門町站出口一出轉右即刻到,無得輸啊!我嘗試過去各大嘅酒店網站搜尋下呢間酒店,價錢大家都有啲唔同喎。我最後梗係check一check官網價錢啦。點知原來官網嘅價錢係最平嘅。咁唔使諗梗係官網book。再加上官網嗰陣時做緊一個優惠就係包免費早餐。呢個早餐唔係落去酒店餐廳食,而係會有專人係朝頭早嘅時候,有專人去你個房嗰度送俾你食。食物就包括有三文治同果汁。 至於間房嘅環境,我覺得就非常之OK。裝修比較高級。由房望出去嘅景觀就係望到城市景。 房間嘅大細都係好好,比其他附近嘅酒店房間大細一定好過佢哋!但係記得book房嘅時候千祈唔好book最平嗰間房,因為最平嘅房間係超級細,細到好似日本酒店咁樣。 酒店房雖然嗰個size夠大,但係個廁所竟然冇浴缸喎!剩係得shower。 成間酒店唯一一個缺點就係佢度房門超級唔隔音。任何人行經過房門大力少少腳步嘅話我都一定聽到。夜晚黑對面房嘅人大聲講嘢少少我間房入面都聽得到。晨早流流七點幾有條茂里係個走廊門口嘈生晒,仲同隔離房嗰個人鬧交鬧到我醒咗!你話呢一間房嘅隔音係咪超級差呢? 如果比我再揀究竟我會唔會再住呢一間酒店呢?如果我再去返呢一區嘅話我會考慮再住呢間酒店,因為佢去西門町實在非常方便。如果你想係西門町區經常出沒嘅話,呢一間酒店係一個不二之選。 Like my Facebook page:

Hotel Review: DoubleTree Hotel Sukhumvit Bangkok

Location The hotel is located in the Sukhumvit Road, and it is near the BTS station. It was a bit far from there, and the heat is not bearable in the afternoon. So… take a taxi. The location is not as good as Intercontinental Bangkok. Check in The lobby is small with a sitting area….

Hotel Review: Intercontinental Bangkok

Location It is perfectly located next to the BTS train station (Chitlom) and all the famous mega shopping mall. Everything is within walking distance. If you like the malls like Central World/Gaysorn/BigC. This hotel is the best place for you to stay. Check in Quick check in and I also received 2 welcome drink coupons….

Dirty Hotel Review: Novotel Waterloo London

The only reason why I picked this hotel was because Accor ran a promo in UK. Most of the hotels cost only £40 – £80, and this Novotel cost £60 per night, which I thought was really a good deal, when it compares with Hiltons. However, this hotel does not live up with the standard 4 star hotel. I have tried few Accor hotels and most of them have lots of flaws. I really won’t stay at any Accor hotel unless the price really attracts my attention.