Airport Lounge Review: Cathay Pacific Lounge – The Pier (Hong Kong)

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This lounge is huge! I love the vibe and everything. The Pier has been renovated in 2016 and I could try out the new lounge right after the opening. It is located near Gate 65, so it is bit far from everywhere. However, it is worth to visit if you have enough time to catch your flight. Maybe your departure flight is right next to Gate 65, who knows?

Lounge Entrance




The lounge has different themed area, and most of the food is not self-serve and you need to pick and someone would get it for you. I don’t know what would happen if this place is packed with people?

Noodle Bar


Food Spread


The quality of food is genuinely good when it compares with many other lounges in the world. There is also an area where guests can select a tea leaf and the server would make some tea for you to enjoy. It is very relaxing and I love that this lounge can provide such good environment for passengers to ease their tension prior departure.

Cha Siu Bao (叉燒包) / wonton noodle (雲吞麵)


I would definitely go to this lounge if my departure gate is near 65, otherwise I may still stick with Qantas.


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