Hotel Review: Shinjuku Granbell Hotel (Tokyo, Japan)

There are tons of hotels in Tokyo. It’s always difficult for me to just pick one hotel for my stay. It’s always fun for me to stay in a local hotel brand that has their exquisite decor. Here is the example.

Hotel Exterior


Parking Area




The room size is always a challenge in Japan, when most of the hotels only provide a room size of 12-20m2. It is super tiny that I can’t believe I would be able to fit into a room that is so small, it just gives me a terrible vibe. For those travellers who dislike small room, it is sensible to pay more for a bigger room, which I did for this one.
Room: For Granbell Shinjuku, I didn’t book the cheapest room in fact I booked a room which is their 5th tier. Still I found it so small that the sink is located outside of the bathroom.

Hollywood Twin Bed




Location: There is a train station (東新宿) located 4 mins away from the hotel. There are some convenient stores near the hotel, but it is definitely not a shopping district. It is wiser to take few train stops to go to those major shopping area.
Overall: It is not what I expected. I thought the room would be bigger, and the photo doesn’t match with what I got. Therefore, I won’t be going to stay in this hotel when I return to the same area. It’s just not worth it.


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