Dirty Hotel Review: Novotel Waterloo London

The only reason why I picked this hotel was because Accor ran a promo in UK. Most of the hotels cost only £40 – £80, and this Novotel cost £60 per night, which I thought was really a good deal, when it compares with Hiltons. However, this hotel does not live up with the standard 4 star hotel. I have tried few Accor hotels and most of them have lots of flaws. I really won’t stay at any Accor hotel unless the price really attracts my attention.

Hotel Review: Hotel Indigo London – Tower Hill

It was New Year’s Eve and all hotels rates were sky-high in London. Therefore, it was a great way to use my final free night certificate offered by IHG (Into the Night promo). There were many high-end hotels that I wanted to choose, such as Intercontinental, but most of the hotels won’t allow me to use the certificate. I didn’t want to waste the certificate on a Holiday Inn Express, otherwise it would be a stupid mistake.

Hotel Review: Crowne Plaza Geneva

I spent few days in Geneva and booked the Club Room at Crowne Plaza Geneva. The hotel is located a little bit out of town and it requires 20 mins of bus ride from downtown to the hotel. However, this hotel is very near the airport. Basically, all of the hotels in Geneva would provide a free bus/train ticket for the guests to ride in the area. Therefore, it is not really a big problem to stay in a hotel that is not centrally located to the main area. Also, the hotel provides free shuttle bus to and from the airport in every 20 mins, so it is very flexible for those who want to get to the airport as fast as possible.