Airport Lounge Review: Qantas International Business Lounges (Bangkok, Thailand)

I traveled Cathay Pacific Business Class from Bangkok to Hong Kong a few months ago, and I got the chance to visit the airport lounge by using the invitation given upon check in at the airport.

I originally want to try the Cathay lounge, but once I got in the whole lounge was packed with people and there were NO SEAT at all! I remember the Cathay lounge was still in construction, perhaps that lounge was temporary and small. The food spread was not amazing. Therefore, I decided to leave that place and go to another lounge.

I did some research and found out that Qantas Business Lounge is good in terms of the environment and food spread. Since Qantas and Cathay Pacific are within the One World alliance, so I could use the invitation and enter either of the lounge.



Sitting Area

2 3

Food & Drinks

4 5 6 7

This lounge is a good place to chill out and eat some food, Most importantly, there wasn’t too many people in the lounge and I really like that. they have some champagne (Chandon). I would definitely come back next time when I visit BKK airport.


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