Lounge Review: Cathay Pacific The Wing (Hong Kong)

The lounge invitation was given by the check in agent, because I took business class from Hong Kong to Bangkok this time.

This would be my first time to visit the Cathay Pacific Business Class lounge and honestly speaking it was not what I expected.



Sitting area (1/F)



1. Many different areas allow you to eat different things. Such as sandwiches, juices, sodas and even a noodle bar. I widh there are more hot dishes.

Noodle bar ( I don’t even know it exists until I walk to the toilet)

IMG_8430 IMG_8432

Food spread

IMG_8422 IMG_8423 IMG_8424 IMG_8425

2. Very close to my boarding gate. This might not happen every time.

1. The lounge was so crowded. I could hardly find a table and need to share it with others.

2. The distance between the table and my sofa was so so far away that I had to hold the plate to eat.

How to eat in this position?

IMG_8427 IMG_8426

3. Toilet was almost broken, I could feel that the seat would came off if a heavy weight guy sit on it.

4. The toilets were fully occupied and the encounter of a rude guy.

5. I don’t understand why the business class passenger need to go down and then go to the “business class lounge entrance” and then take the stair to go up again to the lounge. Waste of time.

No, I am not going to return to this lounge. I felt cheap and uncomfortable. When I am typing this post, I still feel the anger when I encountered the rude and impolite guy in the toilet.

I can see that the lounge in G/F was less crowded with similar food and no one wait for the toilet.

Lounge on G/F

IMG_8435 IMG_8434 IMG_8433


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