Hotel Review: Holiday Inn Macao Cotai Central w/ Katy Perry

I had a blast during this short trip in Macau. To keep it short: I took first class boat trip, got the free hotel night at Holiday Inn and watched the Katy Perry concert.

Well I gotta break it down for you:-

I decided to redeem a hotel night in Macau, because the room rate was sky high during the weekend and the holiday. I remember it went up to HKD$4000/night, so why not burning 35000 IHG points to redeem it? I originally got a Superior Room and got upgraded to a Deluxe Room. I could see the room upgrade on the web 2 days prior my hotel stay.

Almost all of the major hotels in Macau offers free bus shuttle to and from the pier, so I hop on a bus and arrived the hotel after 15 mins.

Check in counter

IMG_8273 IMG_8272

I arrived at the hotel around 2pm, the official check in time is 3pm. There were 2 separate line, one for the IHG elite, another one is for normal guest. I got in the IHG elite line, which is way shorter and the check in agent told me that my room was upgraded and offered 2 drink coupons which I had no time to use during the trip.


IMG_8274 IMG_8275


IMG_8276 IMG_8277


IMG_8278 IMG_8279

Hotel Exterior at Night


Generally, the room is not spectacular nor huge. But of course, the overall impression is way better than those appear in some other countries (if you know what I mean).

Anyway, I went to take the free shuttle bus from another hotel to downtown. It took me at least 15 mins to walk to the bus station and 10 mins to wait for the bus and then another 20 mins to arrive at the destination. And the street was packed with tourists from China. Seriously, all I heard was one language as if I was in China.

I went back to the hotel and walk around and get ready for the Katy Perry concert. Here are some photos from the concert. Enjoy~

IMG_8284 IMG_8287 IMG_8303 IMG_8310

I didn’t try the breakfast but I went to Sheraton, which is right next to the hotel, and had a lunch buffet.  It was nice with good price, you guys can totally try it when you are in Macau next time.


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