Hotel Review: Holiday Inn Express Century City, Los Angeles

Right after I picked my car at LAX, I drove straight to the hotel. This Holiday Inn Express (HIE) is located very close to West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. After searching many hotels near the neighborhood, most of the hotel prices are not very reasonable. However, I was having the “Into The Night” promo with IHG, so I decided to pick the hotel within the group.

There is only valet parking in this hotel, and the price is $18. It is reasonable when it compares with some other hotels in Beverly Hills.

Hotel Exterior


I got an upgrade from a basic room to a Suite, which is a duplex! The layout of the suite is very unique and to be honest I never stay in a hotel room that has 2 levels. The hotel does not have a central air conditioning system, there are 2 split type AC in room. The room size is very big, which allowed me to sit and relax in the living room or watch an episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Haha~

All of the decorations are very out-dated, therefore I always think that it is very difficult to compare with the 4/5 star hotel in Asia. Plus, the price is not very reasonable. I really did not expect that to happen in the US. For example, the price that I paid for this room can actually let me to have a 5 star luxury hotel room in Bangkok.

Hallway to my Room



IMG_6466 IMG_6465 IMG_6469 IMG_6467 IMG_6468


IMG_6464 IMG_6471

View from the Room


Breakfast was very basic, which I can expect from a typical HIE.


There is a supermarket (Ralph’s) located opposite to the hotel, it took me less than 5 mins to walk across the road.



Apart from the supermarket, there is a huge shopping mall (Westfield Century City) located near the hotel, a 5-min drive can definitely take you there. Overall, if I was not in the IHG promo, I would not choose to stay in this hotel, because of the price and the hotel room condition.

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