Cathay Pacific Business Class Review (HKG->BKK)

One of the best treats from the airline or hotel would be a free upgrade. I love upgrade and I can see that the upgrade level would be higher and better when you are having your birthday. Hotel might give you a suite for your birthday celebration while airline would give you a one class upgrade.

Since my friend had a birthday and I specifically picked that day to travel just because I really want to test if I really get the chance of getting upgrade.

Originally, I have so much hope on getting the upgrade, so I raised the question when I am checking in at the airport. The agent told me that there is no upgrade available and they are simply doing the upgrade based on the Marco Polo club tier. Since we are green tier, so we have nothing to say (green is the lowest tier).

I was a bit upset during my breakfast time. Blah Blah Blah~

I read some forums saying that there might be a chance that the agent at the gate would tear off your ticket and and upgrade your seat. “Tear it off! Tear it off! Tear it off!” That’s exactly what my mind was thinking when I was queuing up for boarding.

When I reached to the gate and presented my ticket to the agent. I heard a weird noise and then she took my ticket away and said my seat has been changed and she gave me a new ticket. My heart skipped a beat for sure! (Think about a kid stepping into the candy shop for the first time!)



Oh my goodness it’s a business class ticket!

Service, Smile, Food and Seating! All stuff are good! A flight attendant greeted me and asked me to pick a pre-flight drink. I picked a glass of champagne.


The seat is very comfortable, more legroom and more privacy. I can pull my legs up without a problem. The seat can become a flat bed, but well it is an afternoon flight so no need for that.



The food menu and drinks menu were amazing. A lot of selection for both of them. I selected the fish with rice and I ordered a mocktail. The food was all right, the rice was a bit hard at the top layer of the bowl. I guess it’s because of the heater which dried out the rice a bit.

Drinks List






My Mocktail


Sea Bass

Dessert: Ice Cream

After meal, the flight attend brought a box of chocolate and asked me to pick some. I took 2 and it was good!


I watched two and a half episodes of Fargo Season 1. And I slept for couple of minutes. And my flight has arrived Bangkok. Oh I wished the flight is longer so I can enjoy the service longer.

Thanks Cathay Pacific for upgrading our tickets on the special day! One of the best moments.

Jurlique in Toilet

If you travel business class, you can receive a fast pass for faster check out at the Bangkok airport. I didn’t use it as there wasn’t too many people at check out. It will be useful if you are travelling during the peak season.



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