Hotel Review: Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai

It’s been a while that I haven’t written anything for my website. I have been to two new Hilton hotel, but I lost one set of photos when I updated my iPhone.

This time I am going to introduce the kind-of-new Hilton in Shenzhen. It was opened in last December. I always want to try this hotel, and I am finally got there!


I booked a Guest Room and got upgrade to a Executive Room. I arrived at the hotel after 3pm. Once I walked to the check in counter, the front desk staff ask me if I want to check in at the executive lounge. And I said yes! Seriously, I have been to many Hilton, and this was the first time.


The executive lounge is located at 15/F, which is the second top floor of the hotel. Once I walked into the lounge, the lady had printed out my information for checking in.


The sea view was amazing, and the decoration of the lounge was pretty as well. On the other hand, the afternoon tea spread was just mediocre, because the choices were very limited. However, they provided some beer during that time.

Sea View from Lounge




Afternoon Tea Spread


Afterwards, I went back to the room and see what else would surprise me. Oooh the room size was surprisingly smaller than I expected. The view from the room was nearly the same as the one I saw from the lounge.

The bathroom consists of a bathtub, and the shower comes with a rain shower head. Again, the bath amenities are from Peter Thomas.

I have decided to go check out the swimming pool. There are two pools at the hotel, one indoor and one outdoor. The main problem for the outdoor swimming pool was that it located at 1/F, while the locker room was at 3/F. Seriously, I have to went up and down just because of the towel problem. There wasn’t any towel available near the outdoor swimming pool. And I forgot my bath robe, as I don’t wanna walk up and down half naked.

After swimming, it was time for the Happy Hour at the lounge. Gosh, I spent so much money on the room I thought I needed to utilize everything as much as possible.

The Happy Hour spread was better than Tea Time. There were some hot dishes and more alcohol.

Sleep Sleep Sleep

I woke up and went down to have breakfast at 9:30 am. When I approached to the restaurant, I saw the General Manager and some other staff. A staff told me that I couldn’t get in to have breakfast, because they were preparing for the brunch buffet. And she requested me to have the breakfast in the Chinese restaurant. When I walked in to the Chinese restaurant, it was filled with people, and the staff told me to share table with others. On top of that, the food selection was so limited. Therefore, I asked if they can consider to let me eat in the original restaurant. I walked back to the entrance with her, and she spoke to the general manager. And I got the answer: No…

Ok here is the deal:
1. The breakfast end at 11am, it was only 9:30am!
2. Why can’t they let us in? I saw some people can get in!
3. I am not sharing table with others.

I was a bit angry, so I spoke to the general manger.

Me: Why others can get in?
GM: oh we are escorting them to the Chinese restaurant.
Me (Thinking): You are kidding. Those people were walking to their tables.
Me: I don’t want to share tables with others in the Chinese restaurant.
GM: There aren’t any tables?
Me: Nope.
GM: All right, please come in.

Eventually, I got in and had breakfast. But I was a bit unhappy during breakfast. 😦

There were many restaurants near the hotel. But there were only few shops opened. Basically, there wasn’t any special to go around the hotel.

Overall, I like the hotel and hopefully they can manage the breakfast situation a bit better next time.

Hotel Entrance



Executive Room





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