Trip Review: Bangkok Daydream Day 4 – Revisit Terminal 21, Tax Refund at Airport

It was my final day in Bangkok, and my flight would depart at around 4pm. I have decided to re-visit Terminal 21 once again after I have finished my breakfast at hotel.

I checked out of the hotel and took the taxi to the airport for 400 Baht. I booked a taxi a day ago, but that driver said he could not come to pick me up on my departure day instead he asked his brother to pick me up. I don’t know if that driver was really his brother anyway?!!

Most importantly, I had to get the tax refund in the airport. I read the instruction carefully and arrived at the airport airport earlier in case there was a long queue.

Here are the steps:

1. Go to the custom counter which is located at the far right if the airport. Please bring all the tax refund form for them and get the stamp!!!

2. Check in at the airline counter and get the boarding pass (you can check your baggage at the counter)

3. After u passed the custom, and you reached the shopping arcade, you should go left. Walk at least 8 mins, and you would see a counter which looked like a bank.

4. You shall provide all the documents including the one that has the stamp u got from outside. Sign your name and they will give you the money.

Seriously, they refuse to give u the money if you don’t have the stamp! I saw a guy brought a Mac Air to the counter and gave them the receipt. The staff refused to process his thing, because of the stamp! He forgot to get it before passing the custom!

There you go, buy smart and get your money back.



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