Trip Review: Bangkok Daydream Day 2 – Big Palace, Terminal 21, Movie and Spa

I took the taxi to go directly to the Big Palace after I have finished the breakfast at Courtyard by Marriott. I have calculated that I have been to Bangkok for 5 times, so this would be my 6th time. However, I have never been to Big Palace before.

The taxi driver notified me that there were many people standing outside of the palace and say that it is closed and suggested you to go to another place so that they can cheat you. SCAM ALERT @o@

Big Palace







I had to pay 500 baht for entering the palace, I found that the ticket price is bit pricy; it only took me less than 30 mins to walk through the place. The weather was so hot and it was super sunny, therefore it is better to take an umbrella with you. There was a museum showcasing some thai-style dress, which was worn by the famous people around the world. I believe the exhibition has a limited time period. It is worth to go in for the air conditioner!

I sweat a lot during my trip in Big Palace, so I have decided to go back to the hotel and took a shower. Afterwards, I took taxi to go to Terminal 21. I went to have a lunch first and then I went to the top floor. I came here was because I knew a good day SPA on the top floor of Terminal 21 which is called Let’s Relax. 1200 baht would get you a 60 mins oil body massage, while 400 baht would get you a 45 mins foot massage. The service was excellent and the massage skill was great too. You may want to book your massage prior your visit, otherwise you may need to wait for few hours. That was exactly what I got, so I decided to go to watch a movie first and had an appointment right after the movie. Perfect timing~

Remember to get this discount card by showing your passport at the customer service counter


Terminal 21 Shopping Mall


Lunch in this Restaurant




Movie before SPA



SPA room @ Let’s Relax


After the SPA session, it was time for my dinner. I went to Fuji Japanese Restaurant. The food was all right and reasonable priced. I also went to shopping after the dinner, I could see that the shops in the middle and top floors of Terminal 21 were not main stream brands; you may find a lot of clothing and accessories shops all over the mall. While, the main stream brands such as H&M is located in the lower floor and a supermarket is located on the lowest floor.

Fuji Restaurant




My favorite Ice Cream store located at the lowest floor of the mall













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