Trip Review: Bangkok Daydream Day 1 – Four-face Buddha, Central World, Zen Department Store, Nara Thai Restaurant

I booked Thai Airways tickets on for my trip to Bangkok. Surprisingly, the price shown on the Thai Airways web site is so much higher than the one shown on Priceline.

I had the afternoon flight, but the plane was delayed for an hour.



Once I arrived at the Bangkok international airport, I went straight to buy the SIM card, which I found extremely useful for my entire trip. It included 7-day unlimited internet plan and 100 baht. I used to call back Hong Kong and surf the internet. It was also good for searching the map when you are on taxi in case the driver doesn’t know the location.


I booked Courtyard by Marriott for my first 2 nights, I selected Marriott Sukhumvit for my final night stay. The hotel review will be posted later on.

Afterwards, I took the tuk tuk service provided by the hotel to the main road. And I walked to the Four-face Buddha near the Grand Hyatt.

Then, I went to Central World shopping mall. There were many main stream brands in the lower floors of the mall, the restaurants are all located on the top 2 floors. There was also a Zen department store connected to the mall. I saw some Thai fashion designers opened their own shops in the Zen department, I bought some good quality clothing in there. Remember to get the tourist discount card at the entrance of the shopping mall, this card can get you at least 5% off. If you purchase over 2000 baht (can combine few receipts), you can request a tax refund. FYI, 2000 baht can get you 80 baht tax refund.

Central World Shopping Mall


TWG shop


Jack Spade store (one and only shop in Asia)


I went to a Thai restaurant for dinner. The price for the dishes are a bit higher. But the taste was good. I finished the dinner at around 9:30pm, so I got the final 30 mins to walk through the supermarket which was located very near the restaurant. I went back to the hotel by Tuk Tuk after the shopping.

Nara Dinner (7/f Central World)





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