How to score the cheapest hotel room?

Easy question? Think again. What are the things you need to consider before pressing the booking button?


1. Do you go for a specific hotel brand due to the membership status (free breakfast, free room upgrade, free lounge access) or hotel promotion?
2. Check official web site
3. Go to or to check if the official web site got the lowest rate
4. If yes, great –> Book it. If not, can you use the lower rate to get the Best Rate Guarantee from your hotel?
5. Book a cancellable rate, and submit the best rate Guarantee claim in the hotel official web site
6. Successful, great! Unsuccessful, u may consider to book a non-cancellable rate (usually cheaper).

Other things you need to consider: Location, Hotel Stars, Popularity, Comments from the guest (

These are the things I do before I book a hotel. Did I miss anything?

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