Trip Report Day 4: Okinawa, Japan – Sui Gusuku (首里城), Ashibinaa Outlet Mall

Day 4 would be the last day of my Okinawa trip. I have scheduled to return my car at 11:15am, but I got a final spot to go and don’t know if I could make it. Therefore, I called the car rental centre and asked what is the “official time” that I must return the car. They said 12pm. Great, it means I got time if I go to my final spot before I return my car.

There were many people in Sui Gusuku (首里城), I took some photos here and there. I never got the chance to buy the ticket to go inside the main castle. Ding 11:30, I gotta go.

Sui Gusuku (首里城)

IMG_8814 IMG_8829

I set the GPS to the car rental center which is close the outlet mall. It was a bit difficult to netvigate, I made a wrong turn and forgot to cross a bridge. Woo Hoo, I was so late and I had to go to the gas station to fill up the tank. When I arrived at the rental centre, it was 12:25pm. My head was like “Don’t charge me one day rental fee… Don’t do that!” And they really didn’t, they just checked the car and that’s it.

Afterwards, I walked across the road to the Ashibinaa Outlet Mall. I thought I would buy many stuff in here but I didn’t. They have Ralph Lauren, Gap, G-Shock and so on. There are some restaurants and a food court which are located on the 1/F. That day was do hot and it wad undesirable to carry my luggage and walk through the mall under the sun. Therefore, I paid 100 yen to store my luggage in a shop.

Ashibinaa Outlet Mall

The mall provides a shuttle bus to the airport which only run every 1 hour. I got on the bus and hope that the bus could arrive at the airport fast so that I won’t miss the flight. I felt like I was playing the amazing race. Probably, I was the last one to check in at the airport.

Airport (I don’t understand why it looks so new?)



To conclude my 4-day trip in Okinawa, I still love the Japanese hospitality, all the staff/sales are extremely polite and helpful. I really like the beaches and city, it gave me a relaxing feeling. For shopping, well I got what I need. I would definitely return to this place when I have time.

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