Trip Report Day 3: Okinawa, Japan – Manza-Mo (萬座毛), Manza Beach, Aquarium, American Village (美國村)

I haven’t been to the Manza Beach in Day 2 of my trip, therefore it was a must for me to visit otherwise the room rate I paid for my resort would be meaningless.

Manza Beach


There is a pathway linked up from the hotel to the beach, which only took me 3 mins to walk to the beach. The beach was amazing, the sun was shining and there weren’t too many people on the beach. It is a good place to relax and chill out. Then, I headed to Manza-Mo (萬座毛) for a short stay, this is one of the most famous spots for the tourists. If you travel to Okinawa, then you gotta come here.

Manza-Mo 萬座毛


I wished I could stay longer but I needed to check out of the hotel and went to next destination – Okinawa Aquarium. Oh gosh it was a long long drive, which was more than 1.5 hour plus some traffic. FYI, the normal speed limit is 30km/h. Well you heard me. Unless you are in the toll highway, then the car in front of you would be like driving in slow motion. Very safe @o@

I finally arrived at the aquarium, it was packed with people. For the aquarium tickets, it would be cheaper if you buy it in the OTS car rental office ($1600 yen). This aquarium is a bit small, you could finish walking the whole thing within 30 mins. The famous photo would be the following photo! If you ask me if the whole aquarium worth the ticket price, I would say no. But, it is one of the must-see locations in Okinawa.




There isn’t many food options available near the aquarium. So I decided to set my GPS to American Village, which is the location of my next hotel stay. On the way to the hotel, I kept checking if there is a restaurant. I saw a drive-thru McDonald, when I tried to get in the lane, I saw another fast food restaurant A&W right across the street.



There is an ice cream store inside the restaurant. I love this brand and tried to eat as many as possible during my trip. I just couldn’t resist the taste of 31 different ice cream flavours. Therefore, I made a U-turn and drove to the other side of the road!

Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Store inside the A&W





Some customers decided to eat their meals in the car


Yummy yummy in my tummy. I set my next destination in my GPS – American Village.


I decided to check in the hotel first, and go to the Kokusai Dori one more time before my departure. I wanted to buy some fancy chocolate in the department store, all the stuff are beautifully decorated.

On the way to Kokusai Dori


A box of chocolate from Mary Chocolate Shop



After shopping, it’s time for dinner. I selected a sushi bar near the American Village. Not very tasteful but acceptable. Very cheap priced! Gosh, there was a long queue when I arrived at the bar, I have waited at least 30 mins.

Sushi Bar






Later on, I went to the AEON department store, the store closing time is 12 am. It’s good to walk around in this store, it is so big and I felt like I my soul has been captured by all the products in the store. There are too many things to see and buy.

AEON Department Store/Supermarket



I also went to the arcade centre, I spent half an hour in it and I felt so happy because of all the games I played.

Time to sleep. So I went back to my hotel – Vessel Hotel Capana Okinawa <– Read the hotel review!

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