Hotel Review: Vessel Hotel Capana Okinawa, Japan (Near American Village)

I booked this hotel from their official web site, when I pressed the English language button in their web site; it re-directed the link to Rakuten Travel web site. I can see that there is a little price difference between this web site and the official web site. I went to the English site just to make sure that I secure a room. The price difference was just 100 yen.

Hotel in the Morning


Hotel at Night


There were no non-smoking room available, so I had to book a smoking room with breakfast. I selected this hotel to stay is because the location is situated next to the Sunset Beach and the American Village, which fills up with stores and entertainment. I love the AEON supermarket which opens until 24:00 daily, so I can shop till I drop. There is an arcade centre in this area, where you can find all the latest coin machines, games and doll machines.

Back to the hotel, it was newly opened in 2012. Therefore, the room is very clean and big (30 m2) enough to fit my big fat suitcase. I checked in at the hotel at 5 pm, the front desk staff required me to settle the room bill at that moment and I was told that my room has been upgraded to a better room. I asked if my room can be changed to a non-smoking room, he said no as the hotel was fully booked.

Hotel Lobby

20140425-112841.jpg 20140425-112826.jpg 20140425-112849.jpg

Elevator (It reminds me of The Shining)





20140425-111905.jpg 20140425-111941.jpg 20140425-112115.jpg 20140425-112204.jpg20140425-112613.jpg

When I entered my room, oh boy the smoke scent came right up to my nose. I was like the smoke has already been trapped in the hotel room for a certain period of time. And then I looked for an air purifier, BINGO I found one and I switched it on, turned it into FULL SPEED mode. I also sprayed some air freshener that I got from the closet. There is no central air conditioning system in the room; I could only turn on the air conditioner inside the room.

Air Purifier

20140425-112127.jpg 20140425-111920.jpg

After few hours later, once I got back to my room I could still smell the exact same scent that I got previously.

Apart from the scent, well there are many other things that I need to say. The view is good, the location is perfect. As American Village is located in the middle of the Okinawa Island, so no matter you want to go up north or go down south, it saves you a lot of time. They your Simmons mattress, and the pillow is such a new invention. It can be fold into half, one side is hard and the other side is soft. You can flip it to suit your preference. I really want to buy one; there was even a price list for this pillow, which cost around $6,000 yen. (Too expensive~) This bed and pillow gave me a really good night sleep. Damn it I should buy one!

There is a bath tub in the bathroom, all the shampoo and shower gel are full size and can’t be taken away. Very nice scent! All typical bath amenities are available in the room. The design is unique in a way where the sink and mirror are located outside the bathroom, which is the same as the design in ANA Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort.

The breakfast spread was all right, not the best when it compares with other hotels that I stayed in Okinawa. Personally, I liked the one in ANA Crowne Plaza Harbourview the most. Here you can find all the food you want, from hot dishes to salad bar. They even got a soda machine for you to select anything you want to drink, cola, soda and tea. I want to have the freshly squeezed juice!

Breakfast Spread

20140425-112910.jpg 20140425-112918.jpg 20140425-112939.jpg 20140425-112949.jpg 20140425-112929.jpg 20140425-113002.jpg

Overall, I like this hotel very much. It is new and clean. When I need to stay near American Village, I would definitely come back to this hotel. By the way, I saw a NEW HILTON (Hilton Okinawa Chatan Repost) was under construction in the neighbour! The design is a bit dull; the view is a bit different from the photos shown on their official web site. Well, since it is a Hilton, I really want to try that out! It is scheduled to open in August 1, 2014. The hotel category is 9. Let’s wait and see.

The New Hilton


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