Trip Report Day 2: Okinawa, Japan – Temple (波上宮), Cave (沖繩世界文化王國、玉泉洞), Shopping (Nishihara City)

I checked out from the hotel at 10:45 am, as I booked a car and the pick up time was 11:00 am at Mercure Hotel, which is very close to ANA Crowne Plaza Harbourview. It is about 10 mins walk.

The car rental company is called OTS, I will have a separate post to talk about the detail of the car rental arrangement in Okinawa.

Entrance of Mecure Hotel


After I got the car, I drove directly to my first stop. It is a temple (波上宮). In here, you can wish for good luck and buy some lucky charms (300 to 1000 yen) to bring back home. If you would like to make a wish, you can purchase a little wooden board (300 yen) and write your wish on it. Then, put it on the wishing board. Also, you may pay 100 yen for a prediction of your future, it seems like a palm reading without the palm. You can read the prediction on a piece of paper, afterwards you can fold the paper into a narrow rectangular shape and tide it on the string inside the temple. (I don’t know the reason?)

Temple Address: 1-25-11 Wakasa, Naha, Okinawa 900-0031, Japan

Temple (波上宮)



Wishing Board


I saw a lady drove a car to this temple and let a guy to do a “procedure” for her car, which I believe was for wishing her car safety.

There is also a beach located next to the temple, I went there to take a look and it was nice.

The Beach


After staying for around 45 mins, I started to input the map code in the GPS for finding my next stop – The Cave (玉泉洞). This place is packed with different activities, from the cave (鐘乳石洞) to Japanese cultural dance show. It took at least 30 mins to walk through the cave.




The Cave (玉泉洞)

20140424-083823.jpg 20140424-083815.jpg 20140424-083839.jpg 20140424-083856.jpg

I stayed in this place for around 2 hours and then headed back to my car to search for my next destination – shopping mall and lunch.

I particularly went to this mall (Nishihara City) was because of this clothing store GU. It is a brand from Uniqlo, all the stuff are low-priced. I bought some pants and shirts. And then I went to the supermarket to buy something. Of course I didn’t miss the famous Blue Seal ice cream in the mall.

San-A Nishihara City Address:

Okinawa Nishihara-cho 130 Kadekaru

Shopping Mall

20140424-083957.jpg 20140424-084016.jpg


Japanese Restaurant


Ticket Machine (Buying Ice Cream)


Blue Seal Ice Cream (Yummy!)


Afterwards, I set my destination to ANA Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort. You can read the full hotel review in here.

I had my dinner in a restaurant near the hotel, it was about 10 mins drive. I basically didn’t know where I could go for dinner in the middle of no where, so I just drove around the neighbourhood and search for food. Ta-da a nice restaurant for Shabo Shabo!

Shabo Shabo Restaurant near the Hotel


Shabo Shabo Set


I went to Lawson store to purchase something and then headed back to the hotel.



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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Where is the temple located and the mall?


    1. The temple’s address is 1-25-11 Wakasa, Naha, Okinawa 900-0031.
      The mall is called Nishihara City, the address is 903-0102 Okinawa Nishihara-cho 130 Kadekaru.

      The address has been updated in the post. 🙂


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