Trip Report Day 1: Okinawa, Japan – Visiting Kokusai Dori (國際通)

I took the Dragon Air flight from Homg Kong to Okinawa, Japan. The original flight scheduled to take off at 12:10 pm. My flight was delayed for 1 hour and 45 mins. I have waited at the baggage claim in Okinawa for more than 30 mins. Oh gosh!

Arrived at the Naha Airport and took the bus to the terminal


I took the monorail to the 壺川 station ($260 yen) which is close to ANA Crowne Plaza Harbourview. For the hotel review, please go to here.



Train Ticket


I walked for 10 mins to go the busiest street in Okinawa, which is Kokusai Dori (國際通). There are many shops and restaurants along this street. You can definitely find a place to eat. There is even a 24-hour shopping mall, which fills up with electronic products, cosmetics, groceries and a spa shop.

Kokusai Dori (國際通)

IMG_8598 IMG_8599

There is only one drug store available along the street. If you need to do some serious shopping, you must come here to buy stuff. They have everything you need from shampoo to body wash and also beauty products! They only accept cash in this store, so bring some cash.

Along the street, you can see many convenient stores, such as Lawson and Family Mart! Must visit! The JAL hotel is also located near a family mart, which I believe is a very good choice of hotel if you want to stay near the shopping area.

Lawson Store


I basically went to shopping and no time to visit the city at all.

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