Hotel Review: Remm Shin-Osaka

I only stayed in this hotel for my first night in Osaka, it is centrally located above the Shin-Osaka station. It is super convenient, you can easily travel around the city or even go beyond Osaka by taking train in this station. The hotel opened for few years only, so everything is super clean and new! The room rate is very reasonable too.



The downfall of this hotel is the room size, which is very very very very very small, the hotel web site specified that it has 19 square meter. I simply don’t believe it. Although the room size is small, it consists of all the things I need, even a air purifier is installed! Superb~





The bed is king size which is different from those typical Japanese hotels with a semi-double bed. The room even comes along with a massage chair, which is really good! The bathroom is functional, there is a rain shower with full size of shower products, which you can’t take it away.






The layout of this room is very unique, the window only exists in the bathroom. It might not be everybody’s cup of tea.

Nevertheless, the room rate is relatively cheap. The location is super close to the train station, maybe a short stay in the hotel is not really a bad thing.





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